Michael Franz Photography | About
Gifts can occasionally have an unforgettable impact on a person’s life, like the 35mm camera given to Michael Franz by his older brother. With a fascination of art from a young age, Michael would feverishly work through sketchbooks drawing everything imaginable, spending hours trying to replicate what he saw in real life on a piece of paper. He carried his first camera everywhere and relished the thought of getting that one perfect shot, like the ones on magazine covers or in a gallery by Ansel Adams.

As he grew older, more time was spent in the classroom learning new mediums, experimenting with digital format and perfecting his photography skills. He values the importance of light in his photography and has overcome the constraints of how the camera could process it compared to the dynamic range of the human eye. Mike has used several different types of cameras over his career, starting with a 35mm film and medium format cameras in 1988. He began experimenting with digital format in 2003 and made a full conversion to digital in 2007. He currently uses both Canon and Nikon products.

Michael’s photography experience includes magazine editorial photography, commercial construction photography, portraits, landscapes, fine art and gigapixel photography. As an expert in shooting gigapixel panoramas using GigaPan technology, Michael captures hundreds of thousands of images and combines them into a single, high-resolution image to explore and share. During his career at GigaPan, Michael has conducted seminars and workshops, trained top photographers, and developed tutorial videos and webinars. To this day, Michael still carries his camera everywhere, prepared to capture the next great shot.

“The sights in our amazing world are mesmerizing; we just need to take the time to look around. Everything is art in motion. The paint peeling off an old building, the structured chaos of the corner coffee shop on a Monday morning, kids at their best and worst, the pair of old worn shoes that have hundreds of miles from the trail, the majestic lakes and mountains that surround us, or the colors of each season. Through my photography, if I can get you to see things differently, notice something you would pass by without a second thought, bring you to a state of emotion from a past experience, or get you to the point of saying “wow!” to yourself, I will have achieved success.” - Michael Franz